Friday, May 20, 2011

14 things I wanna do before I die

1 ; Watch every single Studio Ghibli movie. (So far I've only seen Ponyo & Spirited Away, so I have quite a long way to go..)
2 ; Go to Ireland or London. (I have ancestors from Ireland! :D)
3 ; Learn to speak Japanese. (Right now all I know is Hai-Yes, Kon'nichiwa-Hello, Sayōnara-Goodbye, Watashi wa-I, Anata-You, Heiwa-Peace and finally Heiwa no uchi,-damashī no kokujin dansei-In peace, soul brother. lol)
4 ; Complete my mangas! (Nowhere near that..)
5 ; Improve my singing. (Again, nowhere near)
6 ; Become a fantastic artist and writer!
7 ; Play The Sims :p
8 ; Learn to play at least one instrument. (Preferably drums)
9 ; Become braver & kinder.
10 ; Give help to those who need it.
11 ; Um, get married. And have at least 3 great kids. hehe :3
12 ; Go out & do whatever the Lord wants me to do!
13 ; Read the very fascinating, very thought-provoking, very obsessive 'Princess Knight'! (Uh, it's this manga that's from the 1950's which is extremely early for a manga. Manga didn't get a big start until the 80's or 90's. I'm terribly curious of what manga looked like way back then...& the story sounds really awesome. But I looked it up on Amazon & the cheapest copy they had was like 150 something dollars. So that only makes it all the more obsessive for me. Go look it up on Wikipedia! :D)

Oh yes, I quite forgot one...
14 ; Live through the "Second Coming" tomorrow! (Why do these people think they know exactly when the Rapture's gonna happen?..Still, it kinda scares me..)

That's it. May add more when I can think of some :)

Such a fun week..

Actually, more than a week.
Starting on the 13th, it was my baby sister's 10th birthday! She got clothes, cash & an iPod. Wow. Lucky duck. And to think when I was 10, all I had was a jumprope, some books I read over & over and a karaoke machine. My whole 10 & 11 year old life revolved around making fake radio/karaoke shows. :) I was so humble when I was 10...
Anyway, that was the FUNNEST Friday the 13th of my whole life!! We went to Golden Corral for sissy's birthday lunch. While we were there, I saw a guy who looked like a copy of Elijah Wood! I freakin love Elijah Wood!! ♥ Then I saw a guy who looked like a band member in Demon Hunter. He looked nice...& cool :)
Then we saw another guy at a gas station who was with another guy who looked almost exactly like him..(but not as cute :p hehe) He waved at me, Olivia & Isabella! :D
That evening, we had funfetti cake with coconut on top. :)) Haha that evening I laughed harder than I ever have in ages. I was having a major laugh attack for no reason at all, really. xD

On Saturday my parents took us to this "field day" thingy...Ooh that sounded awkward...Ok, my parents have been doing this "field day" for our homeschool group for a couple of years, & so we went & did that. Olivia & I didn't participate but we cheered for the little kids & waved at a guy riding his bike past us to watch everything.

On Sunday, we left for Galveston Island & stayed till Wednesday. It was pretty fun, but I got a bad sunburn on my shoulders. x(

Today, my mom told me she "had this wild hair" to go to the movies, so all of us went to see Pirates of the Caribbean! It was much better than I expected. :) But the relationship between Jack & Angelica (um...the girl in place of Elizabeth..) was kind of confusing. Like, for a few minutes they seemed to really like each other, then the next minute one of them hated the other. Also the ending was a bit unsatisfying for me. But besides that, it was quite good. :) Four stars out of five.
Also...keep an eye on the missionary guy & Syrena. Those two are way cute ♥

Well, now I "have this wild hair" to post a list of all the stuff I really wanna do before I die, so...Imma go do that.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have some catchin up I need to do...
I will NOT go into a big ole emotional apology sermon about my abandoning of this blog, so I shall continue...
So far, 2011 has been all right. Nothing real exciting or anything. Just...okay.

But heeey, guess what?
I'm in the middle of making a manga series!
Not one, not two, not even three...
Lemme tell ya all about it:

Secret Fire is the first one. 16-year-old Maeko has to move & leave all her friends & boyfriend behind. At her new school, she fits in with a group of friends & things are looking better than she thought they would. But no one can explain Yingjie's (a student who moved from China) mysteriousness. His secret? He's a dragon! A Chinese dragon! :)

The second one which I have no idea what to call, is about two princesses on Planet Ormere. Their names are Starshine & Moonaura. They find out about this long lost brother of theirs who's trapped on Earth, so they decide to find him. They give themselves normal, earth names & go through normal, earthy teenage stuff...all while on a quest to find the brother they never knew

The third one which I also don't know what to call yet, is about Tori, a tomboy with a secret dream of becoming a singer & actress. (She thinks those things are "too girly" for a tomboy to be doing) While all her friends encourage her to go to college, she doesn't want to go. Instead, she auditions for a musical & gets the part! Her biggest fan is a homeless guy (Idk what his name should be yet ^_^;) who is a guardian angel sent to watch over Tori.

The fourth one, which I don't know the title of yet, I'm making with my friend. It's kind of similar to the Legend of Zelda & we're still working out the story &, yeah...

I would write a whole lot more of what's been happenin, but now I will post some songs I've been listening to a lot lately. Enjoy! :)

I just found out about this band two days ago & I'm in love with it already!

(this is really random, but remember in the olden days before Youtube got that hideous makeover, when you embeded a video, you could change the color of the player? yeah, I loved that..)

This just...incredible. Really. His voice sounds a little feminine, but I assure you, he sounds 10,000,000 times better than Justin Beaver..oops, Beiber. :P He's also Scottish & Irish! Can't go wrong with that! It's hard to explain, but just listen & you'll see what I'm talking about :) (my favorite part starts on 2:42)

That's all for now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 (:

Even though 2010 had some rough spots I think I can honestly say it was the best year of my life :D
And I hope 2011 will be even better!!

I was listening to this song a while ago, and it's gotten me pretty pumped up about this year. I hope it does the same for yew :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dreams and other things

Hallo-what's up my peeps? :)

Thanksgiving was okay. My fam went to great grandma's and I mostly just listened to the adults talk, and kinda-sorta watched football with my dad out of extreme boredom. When I watch any sports, that just shows how incredibly bored I am. :|

This week will be BUSY. Tonight's youth group & we're decorating a float for a Christmas parade I'm not going to go to (I have other plans Friday night), tomorrow night I (might) have movie making club with my homeschool group (more on that later), Friday my homeschool group is having a progressive dinner for the teens and I didn't get to go last year. I don't want to miss out on yummy food :D HA! Then Saturday morning my church is doing pictures for their directory...Next week I'm goin to a Christmas party then prepare for the trip to Leander to visit my grandma. *deep breath*

Quick history of the Movie Making Club: A few people wanted to start out with something simple, like a silent film that lasted only a few minutes. That's not how things worked dude is, well, very passionate about the whole movie directing scene. He wanted to do like, really elaborate movies let's just say. Jack and the Beanstalk, Wind in the Willows, Sleepy Hallow, etc!! We wrote down these ideas and voted. In the end Sleepy Hallow won. My sister is playing Mr. Knickerbocker's wife and I'm in charge of props. The dude who is passionate about movies wants to get a boom mic and get a bunch of crazily expensive equipment and stuff. It's...yeah...

I'm not sure if I should include this in here, cuz it's really really worthless and I only want to write it so it'll take up some space...

*sits silently in a corner and thinks*

Um, last night I had this freaky dream that I was in our church fellowship hall. I don't know what I was doing in there but I think I was preparing snacks?... Anyway there's this extra room in our fellowship hall that serves as a snack room on Wednesday nights and in my dream I went in there and started cleaning it or something. There were these huge bugs in there hidin under chairs and even though I was freaking out I pretended to not notice. Then I saw these 2 giant ants on this high chair with what looked like oatmeal cookies in their mouths. They stared at me and waved. 0_o I ran out of there screaming my brains out.
The rest of it had to do with my sister and I renting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (it was out already-and on a VIDEO CASSETTE!). We tried to watch it but we were like "I'm getting bored of this.." "Yea let's stop watching it.." o_0

This just proves my dreams never make any sense whatsoever and don't mean anything. It also proves what a moron I am :)

Ohhh speaking of dreams guess what?!

In October I had this tragic dream that all the m&ms in the world got destroyed and they were wiped off the face of the earth (I would never be able to live in a world like that... o_o). The next day my grandma took me, my sisters and mom to an outlet mall and guess what I saw? An m&ms vending machine. It was out of order. That will scar me for life.. 0_0

Enough of my worthless rambling.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Skillet-The Thirst is Taking Over


my favorite part starts at 3:55 :)

btw, this song ain't about's about God's love ;D

Friday, November 19, 2010

recap of last night

K, so this year I have a pretty fun youth group. Last night pretty much all of the kids got to go to a Pocket Full of Rocks concert. It was sooo fun!! :3
First, before the concert started my friend (I don't think I'll give out names-sorry ^^;) & her friend were taking a bunch of random pictures, and they tried to get some stupid pictures of all the guys who were sitting in the pew in front of us. (All the girls in youth group were in one pew & all the guys in the other) We took a lot of funny pics of them but one dude stole the camera and deleted all the pics we took of them! :'[ Luckily, a while later we got the camera back & another dude volunteered to take another funny pic for us. The result was priceless!!! XD It didn't get deleted either!! :)
Along with Pocket Full of Rocks, there was another guy performing called Todd Agnew or something like that. In the middle of the picture taking thing, we saw Todd walk out this door and the guy who took the funny pic for us yelled "hey!! That's the guy on the ticket!" (our tickets had Todd's picture on it) We waved at him and he barely waved back. haha :3
Once the concert started me and almost all the other girls would stand up whenever a really awesome, emotional song played. While we were praising & worshipping the Lord, all the guys were sitting down, completely unmoved and looked as if they couldn't be any more bored. (Later I found out they said it was "too loud")
While I like had my hands in the air & singing and all that, a few of the guys stared at me like I was some freak of nature, then would start smiling & giggling. Oh well...that don't stop me from praisin the Lord :3
During intermission, my friends and I were hanging out, people watching & playing a brief game of "See how long you can balance on one leg". I don't remember who won.. The crowd was CRAZY. It was like, a mob. To travel around I had to say " 'scuse me 'scuse me 'scuse me" repeatedly. LOL xD
Once intermission was over & the concert started up again, I was having a really righteous time! Then the lead singer of Pocket Full of Rocks said "Everyone, just close your eyes, no one's looking, we're going to play a few more songs..." I closed my eyes & I could sense the best part of the night was coming. I felt someone behind me poke me. I opened my eyes real quick & I saw an arm reach out and poke one of the guys in front of us. I turned around and one my youth group leaders said "Emilie, we have to go." I was so...MAD!!!! I was having a really good time & I could really sense the best part was coming!!! >:(
Oh well, all in all it was a fun night.

In February, there will be Winter Jam Tour Spectacular!!!!
RED here I come!!!! :D

Oh yeah, and I've been addicted to these songs lately: